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Our Services

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Our services

Active Release Therapy
  • A soft tissue movement technique used to reduce scar tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments, and increase range of motion
  • Medical acupuncture is an evidence-based technique that aims to relieve pain, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, balance energy in the body, correct dysfunction, improve function and mobility, as well as improve organ function.
Manual Adjustment & Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Applying manipulation to the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or fail to function normally, to restore function
Interferential Current Therapy & Ultrasound
  • IFC uses current to help manage pain, edema, and inflammation, and softens tissue irritation from trauma or degenerative changes
  • Ultrasound uses sound waves to treat soft tissue injury, especially chronic conditions and inflammation
  • Custom orthotics are designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position.

Our Practitioners


Dr. Ryan Scott, B.A., CSCS, CEP, D.C.,

As a Chiropractor, Active Release Therapist, Medical Acupuncture specialist, Certified Exercise Physiologist, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Ryan trains Olympic- caliber athletes, and offers Laser Therapy for a multitude of conditions.

Dr. Lauren Walker, H.B.Sc., D.C.

Dr. Lauren Walker graduated with an honours degree in Health Sciences from Wilfred Laurier University and received her degree in Chiropractic with magna cum laude from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She is a certified acupuncturist and practices a multidisciplinary approach to care.

Massage Therapy

Our services

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
  • Used for chronic conditions to break up scar tissue and increase range of motion
  • Athletes benefit from flushing of the lactic acid and passive stretch techniques
Prenatal Massage Therapy
  • Increase of circulation and relief of postural pain and stiffness due to pregnancy
Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Use of hot stones to therapeutically treat trigger points in muscles and tendons

Our Practitioners


Kathryn Docherty, B.A., RMT
Registered Massage Therapist, Doula
Yoga Exercise Specialist

Specializing in chronic musculoskeletal deep tissue Massage Therapy, Doula services, and Injury Rehabilitation, Kathryn also teaches Yoga. She has added Laser Technician Therapist to her skills, and offers BioFlex Laser Therapy™.

  BioFlex Laser Therapy™

  • The technology utilizes superluminous and laser diodes to irradiate diseased or traumatized tissue with photons.
  • These particles of energy are selectively absorbed by the cell, resulting a cascade of reactions, leading to the normal cell structure and function.
  • Laser results in the elimination of symptoms including pain, enhancing the body’s immune system response, and facilitates natural healing.
  • To find out more information on laser treatment, click here.

  Complete Concussion Management™

  • Complete Concussion Management™
    One of the hottest topics in sport and media is concussion. Our knowledge of concussions and how to treat them is continuously evolving. In partnering with Complete Concussion Management(CCM), Active Natural Health(ANH) is committed to staying at the forefront of concussion research. Concussions in high risk sport are, unfortunately, an inevitability. Mouth guards and helmets will help protect from skull fractures and tooth injury, but they cannot prevent the acceleration of the brain that causes concussion. Concussion can be minimized through proper training and education of our young athletes. The other important fact with concussions is that the most serious consequences occur when the brain absorbs a second injury before it has healed fully from the first. ANH and CCM are using a sophisticated baseline testing protocol to assess an athlete’s cognitive abilities prior to participation. In doing so, we can re-assess an athlete post-concussion and ensure they are not returned to sport prior to healing fully.

    Our concussion services also include post injury rehab, return to play and return to learn protocols, coach and trainer education seminars, and much more. www.completeconcussions.com

    Check out the video link and call or email us with any questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaI74qlJ_o8

Personal & Group Training

  • Offering Personal, Sport specific and Youth Training programs for all levels, Active Natural Health is affiliated with Team 12 Training.


  • Multi-level Hatha Yoga classes are offered at Active Natural Health. Inquire for details!